Conference History

For more than three decades, the International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling (DHC) has been one of the major international event with the aim of communicating industrial and academic research in the field of District Heating and Cooling. This biennial symposium has provided an excellent platform to researchers from the academia and practitioners from the industry to interact as well as present their ideas.

Historically, this symposium was first initiated by the support of Nordic District Heating Research and launched in 1987 at Lund University, Sweden. Later in 2007, the symposium became an integral part of Nordic/Baltic PhD project by the partial support of Nordic Energy Research and District Heating and Cooling industry. Subsequently, from 2016 onwards the IEA District Heating and Cooling programme (IEA DHC) supports the symposium with the aim to continue the on-going innovation and research as we step into the future. The first symposium was entirely based on the district heating technology, which later became district heating and cooling in 1999.

At present, the International Energy Agency District Heating and Cooling programme (IEA DHC) owns this symposium. It is the only non-profit research programme with global outreach for this technology.

In the past, the following fifteen symposiums have been taken place:

Timeline from the year 1987 to 2002 

Timeline from the year 2004 to 2018

The 16th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling will be one of the significant meeting for testing research findings and learning about District Heating and Cooling. The history of district heating in Hamburg goes back to almost 120 years ago when the first German heating plant was built. This will be the first time when the city welcomes you where the foundations for the modern low-supply of district heating were laid out in 1895. Hence, this symposium holds great prestige for the modern society and future.

In nutshell, the symposium will provide an excellent platform to learn about the latest research and bring together academic and industrial researchers from different countries to keep in touch with the latest research and development trends in the field of district heating and cooling. This event will focus on innovative research and development ideas to ensure successful future resilient district heating and cooling technology especially considering future economic development, environmental awareness, worldwide engagement and energy security aspects.