EFH Workshop 

September 12th, 2018

Location: HafenCity University Hamburg (Holcium Auditorium)

Download EHF Workshop Agenda  ** Now available **


Sustainable District Heating and Cooling - Digitalisation and Energy Efficiency: DHC2018 collaborates with Energieforschungsverbund Hamburg (EFH) and offers a unique workshop for all interested including DHC2018 participants. 

From the DHC2018 to the Workshop!

Inspired by the Symposium outcomes, let us convey these valuable ideas into concrete action!

Heating and cooling consume more than half of the word final energy consumption, still primarily supplied by fossil fuels. A more efficient and sustainable district heating and cooling is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emission and meet the climate targets of the Paris Agreement. Integrating energy-efficient technologies, including digitalisation and renewable power will accelerate the transition towards a smart and sustainable heating and cooling system.

This workshop, organised by EFH in collaboration with DHC2018 will discuss the latest advancements and challenges for implementing sustainable heating and cooling solutions. Invited experts in the field will present their current research and relevant applications of innovative technologies for improving energy efficiency and sustainability in district heating and cooling infrastructure.

Download EFH Workshop Flyer

Participation: FREE to all - no registration to DHC2018 required

Contact: Gersena Banushi (gersena.banushi@hcu-hamburg.de)

Organised by: Dr. -Ing Gersena Banushi and Prof. Dr. -Ing. Ingo Weidlich