TS2 Workshop

September 11th, 2018

Location:  HafenCity University Hamburg (room: 2.104)
Time:  8:30-9:15

At the16the International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling, there will be an opportunity to learn more about 4th generation district heating technology implementation. The technology is there and both simulations and pilots demonstrate that lower supply and return temperatures are beneficial to modernized district heating, accounting for low temperatures heat sources such as heat from sewage water, cooling and urban infrastructure (metro systems). The pace at which the implementation is undertaken is, however, surprisingly low. Why is that? How can implementation be propelled? These are questions addressed by the TS2 Annex project of the IEA DHC. At DHC2018, a workshop is arranged to share the current state of the art information about 4GHD but also to learn from practitioners what the reasons are for the slow pace of implementation. Join the workshop for a dynamic discussion on 4th generation implementation. Discuss necessary adjustments inside the buildings, in the district heating system and about the 4GDH business. Also, learn from the demo sites of TS2.

Participation in the workshop is complimentary.

Please inform Kristina Lygnerud at kristina.lygnerud@hh.se if you will participate or not.